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Do you work on all types of HVAC equipment?

Yes, we are a Factory Authorized Carrier dealer, but have access to many different brand name and universal parts

Do you take weekend emergency calls?

Yes, we do charge a higher rate for weekend and after hour calls.

What size filters do you carry?

We carry a wide variety of 1”, 2”, 4”, 5” and specialty filters

How often does my system need to be serviced?

This depends on your system. Please call our office for advice.

OFFICE = 208-726-5520

Why is my fan running when my heat is turned off?

Most likely the humidistat is calling for humidity. The Furnace fan must run when the humidifier is running.

Why is my thermostat blank?

No power source. Either batteries are dead, or there is a problem with the furnace. 

Does my pilot light need to be lit?

Newer systems have a hot surface igniter which does not require lighting. If it does not light on its own, please call us.

OFFICE = 208-726-5520

Why do I have more than one thermostat?

 You have a zone system which regulates temperatures in different areas of the home.

Do I have A/C? The thermostat has a cool mode.

Not necessarily, thermostats are made to work in different various systems. Just because it has a cool mode it does not mean you have cooling equipment.

What should my humidity level be?

The colder the outdoor temperature is the lower the humidistat needs to be set. Typically, 30% is an ideal setting. If you have condensation on the windows you need to lower the set point.

Do I need CO2 detectors?

Yes, everyone who has natural gas appliances should have CO2 detectors, and new residential code requires them.

Can I add on to my existing system for my addition?

This would require heat load calculations to see if your furnace is large enough to handle the extra load.

What is the lifespan of a furnace?

Typical furnace lifespan is 16-18 years

How long do hydronic floors take to heat up?

Usually the temperature will rise 1 degree per hour.

Do I need to service my boiler and hydronic system?

Yes, usually once a year before the heating season.